Bugesera Missionary Apostolic Resource Center

Bringing Hope, Changing Lives, 

Bugesera is a village in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. We are excited that after 3 years we finally purchased the land in Bugesera.


The vision for this property is to build a Resource Center that will include a Guest House, Vocational School and Training  Center, Clinic, Community Gardens that will help to equip, train and invest into the lives of the community.


Phase 1 is to begin the preparation of the Land and getting the zoning permits to build. We will also be getting the projected cost of each of the buildings.

We plan to build the Guest House and Resource Center first to help generate revenue and jobs write away as well as provide a multi purpose facility to help with all community outreach programs. 


We currently run a community Garden project where we help with the provision for seed and the community is able to work together to share in the work and the profits. 


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