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Our Work

We bring together Churches, Ministries and Christians to prepare, train and assist them to fulfill the Great Commission and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

What does Sent One’s International Ministries do? We are all about the go! Going in different nations across the globe sharing the good news of Jesus and helping you do the same!

Discipleship & Training

We partner and build relationships with local churches and ministries worldwide to establish discipleship programs and provide training workshops in a variety of areas of ministry.

& Farming

In our agriculture programs, we partner with local farmers and communities to help grow crops and livestock and establish farming techniques that are sustainable to the environment.


In just a few short years, we have reached the hearts of many people worldwide and continues to grow every day!



We help create new business ventures by providing small micro-loans, business partnerships, continuing essential business support, and training with our business development programs.

& Children

We give care to families and children in various ways, including crisis and disaster relief, essential health and wellness training, and school supply drives for children in developing countries.


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the world!

Give today to help us changes lives,
share the love of God, and in doing so,
we are transforming the lives of people
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