When God is serving wine, drink. When He’s serving bread, eat.

Still Life Oil Painting

OVER THE NEXT few days, we will look at another example: Gideon. God found Gideon hiding in a winepress, trying to thresh wheat. The Midianites had been stealing from the children of Israel for quite a while. Gideon no doubt was trying to get some provisions for his family without being robbed again. Regardless, threshing wheat in a winepress provides a fascinating picture. Wheat speaks of the bread of the Word— teaching. Wine represents the felt experience of the Holy Spirit— sometimes intoxicating encounters. They are never in conflict with each other from God’s perspective. But they often are in ours. Each serves a purpose that the other can’t address. The interesting picture is of Gideon trying to get the bread of His Word out of a place where wine is made. It won’t work.

We saw this in the early days of the outpouring. People were angry because there wasn’t as great an emphasis on teaching. We tried. It’s just tough to get bread out of grapes. Most every time we did, we seemed to be working against God’s heart for the moment. The opposite is also true. Many just want to sit around and sing or laugh when God wants to build our understanding through His Word.



Holy Spirit, help me to be sensitive to what You’re serving at the moment. If You’re serving wine, I want to drink. If You’re serving bread I want to eat. If I’m in charge of leading a meeting,

I want to follow Your lead and not my own agenda.

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