When Jesus left the earth He didn’t say we were to decrease. Instead He passed that same baton on to

SOME WOULD IMPLY that it’s all Jesus and none of us. I don’t believe that. There’s no question that He is the determining factor in any significant situation.

But we sometimes get an unhealthy view of our lives and our own place in His plan. John the Baptist’s prayer in John 3: 30, “He must increase, but I must decrease,” does not give you and I the license to embrace an unhealthy self-image.

In context, John the Baptist was closing out an era. John’s ministry had to decrease in order for Jesus’ influence to increase. When we believe that it is a noble and holy thing to pray, “Lord, decrease me,” we entertain a limited understanding of Christ in me. Jesus is not separate from us any longer. Remember, the Spirit of God has clothed Himself with you.

He has commissioned you to represent Him in the earth. You are a vital part of Jesus being demonstrated to the world, because you are His representative!

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Jesus, it is so amazing that I am in You and You are in me. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for making this possible. Please show me what it looks like for me to be Your ambassador. What can I do today to represent You well?

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