To be successful in the world’s eyes, all the Church needs to do is preach what people want to hear. If we speak to where people are at, expressing a popular opinion, then they will love us. But this can reduce the potency of our message to mere pop psychology and motivational speaking. It dilutes the Gospel.

If that approach actually brought the power of God, it would be worth considering. If it glorified God, it would be worthy of our attention. If it resulted in conviction, repentance and a change of heart, then it would be an effective method of spreading the Gospel.

The fact is, the Gospel of Christ is highly offensive. It is tempting to shy away from delivering the unvarnished truth to others, because it will upset them. It’s not “politically correct” to point out to people that they are desperate sinners, greatly in need of repentance and salvation, yet it is the truth. We need wisdom to share the Gospel message with others, wisdom that will enable us to speak the truth with love (see Ephesians 4: 15) and always act with the love and compassion of our God. But we mustn’t dumb down the message of truth. The Gospel speaks for itself. And Jesus will meet with those in need in the powerful way that only He can.

In our own day-to-day lives, we also face the temptation of taking the “safe” route— saying and doing what we think will make us popular with others. Instead, we need to embrace the difference Jesus has made in our lives and live authentically. Live for truth rather than popularity.

Embrace the pure power of the fundamental Gospel, both for your life and for the lives of those around you.

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