Hungry Heart


In our African church services, we’re not afraid to shout and dance and laugh and get excited about Jesus. Some find that difficult to connect with at first. Some find it a little offensive. They think we should be more reverent in church.

But plenty of people are extremely interested in, attracted by, and drawn to such joy and the visible manifestation of God’s presence. Many are compelled to find out more when they see God doing something supernatural. For every story I hear about people who are disturbed by manifestations of God’s power, I hear many more about those who are drawn to Him because of the manifestations.

“Wow, God is in this place,” they say. “Tell me more!” They are so hungry for a touch from Him that they overcome any reservations they may have. All they are interested in is connecting with Him.

Do you have a hungry heart?

A hungry heart will seek out God’s presence.

A hungry heart will express its delight in Jesus and overcome the embarrassment some might feel.

A hungry heart cares most about connecting with the one who can truly satisfy us. We chase after many things in life— money, food, clothes, success, influence.

But what good can we do with these things if we don’t have a good heart? A heart recklessly devoted to Jesus? Without a good heart, these things become a meaningless pursuit. With a good heart, they add to the richness of life, and we can hold them lightly— possessing them without allowing them to possess us.

Keep your heart hungry for Him.

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