We are looking at the privilege to host the Spirit of God, the great prize, and learn how He moves a


YOU WERE BORN to be a dwelling place for God’s Presence.

Gideon was an Old Testament prototype of what all believers have access to today— the ability to be empowered by God’s Presence to accomplish the impossible! Remember, God does not look at our weakness; He looks at our Presence-empowered potential and calls it forth.

Often, we are awaiting some sovereign solution to the madness and chaos in life, when in fact, God’s Word to us is the same as it was to Gideon: “Go in this might of yours…. Have I not sent you?” (Judg. 6: 14).

Gideon was one of those Old Testament figures who was empowered by the Spirit for a task and a season. You and I have received the remaining Presence of the Holy Spirit. Our lives are His home and that positions us to always be ready to go in “this strength” (which is God’s supernatural strength) and release whatever a situation, circumstance, or impossibility needs for transformation.




Holy Spirit, please renew my mind so that I don’t see impossible situations based on what is possible in the natural. Remind me how You healed the sick, raised the dead, walked on water, and that the same Presence of God that empowered Jesus lives inside of me! Open my eyes and help me to see any impossible impossible situations You want me to partner with You to change today.

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