As believers, we are filled with the most significant potential imaginable— the empowering Presence


ALL OF HEAVEN has been assigned to ensure that we have everything we need to reach our God-designed destinies. What is the key? Activity. Not works or religious activity. Remember, we did nothing to earn or deserve the infilling of His Presence. This was released to us completely by grace. Too many are working for what they have already received by inheritance and thus live perpetually frustrated. This often positions believers to ask for things that are already theirs and then call it prayer. Rather than asking, we ought to be decreeing what the Lord has already declared as “so.” God is not looking for activity in the religious sense. We are not working for Him, but are rather co-laboring with Him. We recognize what activity we should be “doing” when we intimately confront the Jesus of the Gospels. Not the Jesus of religion, nor the Jesus of tradition. We need to have a deep, transformative encounter with Jesus, as He is, for He has sent us in the same manner that the Father sent Him in (see John 20: 21).


MATTHEW 21: 18-22


Jesus, I desire to have an encounter with You. Draw near, Holy Spirit. Teach me how to powerfully declare Your will over people and situations to see Heaven move on their behalf. This is exactly what You did and You have empowered me to do the same!

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