Wrong Person

Overlooking the Mist

Once I was invited to speak at a pastors’ conference. I was given a particular topic to speak on, and I wasn’t happy. I felt as though they had invited the wrong person. All the other great speakers seemed, to me, to be far more suitably qualified to speak on the topic at hand. I felt out of place, uncomfortable. “Why am I here, God?” I wanted to know.

“Just share whatever I put on your heart,” Father said to me. So that’s what I did. And somehow, God took my faltering words and stumbling delivery and touched people’s hearts with it. He took my meager offering and made it into something beautiful. Unwilling as I was, when I finally swallowed my pride and showed the tiniest bit of obedience to God, He was able to step in.

Do you ever feel inadequate? Do you feel like you’re the wrong person— at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong set of gifts and abilities to confront the task ahead of you? Today I believe God is saying this to you:

Allow Me to work with you. All I need is your willingness. Overcome your pride and come to Me. Let go of your preconceptions. Let go of every reason why something miraculous should not happen in your situation. Be obedient to Me. Allow Me to step into your situation and show you what I can do with the smallest amount of trust. Trust in Me.

Though you may feel out of your depth, stretched to the limit, extended beyond your comfort zone, you have an incredible Father. If you begin to trust Him with every situation in your life, every challenge, every mountain that has to be climbed, He will come to your aid, and you will experience miracles.

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