Better Late Than Never

Girl Praying

I had a great father. He was an amazing dad. He was Jewish by race but Catholic by religion. Then he became an atheist during his time at Stanford University. Later he became an agnostic. That was my dad: a Jewish Catholic atheist agnostic.

He didn’t like it when I became a Pentecostal Christian. It freaked him out. In fact, it freaked him out so much he took me to see a psychologist in an effort to “deprogram” me. Needless to say, it didn’t work.

However, our Father in heaven is so gracious to us, so kind and loving. Years later, He gave me the incredible privilege of leading my dad to Jesus. Then Dad was ordained as a Christian minister at the age of 72. I felt so humbled when he said to me, “Heidi, I am going to follow you. It’s better late than never.” He was a wonderful minister of the Gospel until Jesus took him home.

No matter what journey people go on in life, they never reach a point where they are beyond the grace of God. No one is too far gone. There are no hopeless cases, no matter how entrenched people are in their own sin and selfishness. The Father’s grace is unfathomable in its depth and immeasurable in its length.

Though it would be better to come to the Lord as a young person and look forward to a life spent in His service, it is never too late to come. Better late than never. If you are praying for someone to come to Jesus today, be encouraged. Not one person alive on the earth today has passed the point of no return.

Don’t give up.Keep praying. It’s never too late.

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