Wrong Shoes

Worn Basketball Sneakers

Once, while at a conference, I sat listening to one of the other speakers. This man was the most amazing teacher— so eloquent, so well researched. I noticed he had pages of beautifully written, well organized notes and quotes. His delivery of the message was just amazing. I lapped up everything he had to say and got busy jotting down notes. Then, all of a sudden, I realized, Wait a minute! I’m up next! A wave of fear hit me. Heidi, you’re going to be up there speaking next, and you have to follow that! I was seriously worried.

Then something else happened. An awful wave of arrogance rose up inside me. Wait, I thought. I can use notes and quotes. I can wow people. I have a Ph.D. in theology. I can do this.

I used to be severely dyslexic until God healed me (that’s a whole other story). But when He healed me, He gave me the ability to speed read. So I decided I would go to the bookstore, skim some books, and find some impressive quotes to use in my talk. My little arrogant self-wanted to be as coherent and amazing as the previous speaker. Just as I was approaching the bookstore, my legs turned to jelly, and I felt myself falling. I went bam straight into the bookstore’s door and then lay there, literally blocking the entrance. I remonstrated with God, “Lord, surely it’s okay for me to go into this bookstore and get some good notes and quotes for my talk.” Apparently not. He had a simple message for me.

“Heidi, don’t try to walk in someone else’s anointing.” Here’s what I learned that day: Each one of us must wear the shoes God has given us to wear. He has made each of us unique. God has made you to be awesome. You don’t need to try to be anyone other than yourself. Your Father is thrilled with who He made you to be.

Walk in His acceptance and love.

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