Stop and Go


The story of the Bible can be summed up by this simple phrase: God initiates and we respond.

“Just at the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly”

(Romans 5: 6).

So often we like to run off and do our own thing. We like to initiate things and then pray for God to bless them, pray for Him to stamp them with His rubber seal of approval. Then we wonder why our efforts bear little fruit. We have the equation mixed up. God initiates; we respond. If we want to learn how to bear much fruit and know His power infusing all we do, then we need to learn this simple principle: Stop and then go. What do I mean?

Stop: Stop running around trying to make things happen, and enter the secret place— His presence. Spend time there. Abide there. Dwell in the secret place and listen. Hear Father’s heart; listen to what He is telling you.

Go: Now, go. Go and do what He has told you to do. God will empower you to do what He has instructed you to do. He will make the necessary resources available to you. He will equip you to carry out His will. He will empower you and sustain you.

Stop and go. Every day, go into His presence before you go out onto the streets. Live out of the secret place.

Stop and then Go.

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