Childlike Faith


It’s very important to stay low and remember to stand on Daddy’s feet— so we don’t keep on trying to do things in our own strength. Some of us are strong and resourceful, tenacious and resilient. We can do a lot of stuff. Despite that, our abilities are not the way forward in His Kingdom. Life in God’s Kingdom demands childlike faith.

It demands radical dependency on Him. Wherever I travel in the world, I often invite children to pray— for people, situations, healing, anything. I especially do this when I’m travelling in First World nations like the U.S. and the European nations. I especially do it when I’m in a place where adults have outgrown the sense that God still moves in the miraculous, where they find childlike faith hard to grasp.

I find that the younger children are, the more they believe, the more they are prepared to trust God implicitly. They have not yet learned to rationalize Him. They have not learned to put Him in a box or place imagined limits on His abilities. They just believe.

And Father responds to their faith. I always make sure we have children as part of our prayer and ministry teams in Mozambique. My Land Rover is constantly jammed full of kids. They are the ministry team on all our bush outreaches. They see God do miracles in answer to their prayers. Amazing things happen when kids pray. The power of God comes. Father hears and responds.

It’s hard to let go when we are capable. But we need to learn radical dependency. We need to acknowledge that He is so much stronger than we are in every possible way. As we lay down our abilities and surrender to Jesus, He responds to our faith. As we depend on Him, like little kids, He delights in answering our prayers, constantly surprising us with His love and grace.

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