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Naturally speaking, we are not “qualified.” We can’t do much. We can’t produce anything of eternal worth on our own— not one thing.

Whenever I think about this, in my mind I always have this picture of a tree— a tree that is trying to produce fruit. How absurd. A tree cannot decide to produce fruit. It doesn’t work. If a tree is not a fruit tree, it can’t bear fruit. If it is a fruit tree, it will bear fruit. It’s as simple as that.

In the same way, we can’t strive our way into our inheritance. It’s not possible. It doesn’t work like that. Our inheritance is given to us; it cannot be earned. God qualifies us to share in His inheritance. If we could “earn” it, we could hardly call it an inheritance. Rather, Father gives it to us as a gift, because we are His sons and daughters.

Once we were empty, non-fruit-bearing trees. Now God has transformed us into fruit trees. He has infused us with His divine power and fundamentally changed our spiritual DNA, giving us His fruitful characteristics. Now that He has qualified us, we can be truly fruitful in Him. We can produce something of eternal worth as we cooperate with Holy Spirit who lives inside us.

This is the miracle of inheritance, the miracle of fruitfulness. Your life is incredibly precious, of magnificent worth, because He has bestowed worth upon you.

Today we can live fully assured of Jesus’ love for us and know we are a part of His glorious inheritance.

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