God entices and draws us into faith for the impossible and then completely outdoes Himself.


HAVE YOU EVER gone to see a movie because the advertisement made it look so funny, but when you saw it you noticed all the funny moments in the movie were already in the trailer? It’s a great disappointment. The movie never got any better than that 60-second spot. God is not like that. It’s just the way He is. He gives a glimpse of something to come, knowing that even those who saw it coming would be surprised when it actually did. His coming works are represented in words and pictures but can never be fully contained in them. He surpasses all description and everyone’s anticipation of good. He is extreme in all the right ways!




God, thank You for all the times You have surprised me with things turning out better than I expected. I can trust in Your good nature and be confident that You will always work things out for my good. I invite You to surprise me with Your extreme goodness today!

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