Gazing Out to Sea

When we work from a place of rest— rather than frantically running around trying to make stuff happen— it is amazing what God can do. Abiding with Him in the secret place unlocks so many seemingly impenetrable situations.

More can happen during one minute under the anointing than can be achieved by hours, days or weeks of striving. When we wait on Holy Spirit and we connect with Him, hearing the Father’s heart, then we know how we should pray, what to do and how we should do it. Another meaning of abiding is “to be prepared.” As we abide in Jesus, resting in Him, He prepares us to go out and touch the lives of others, to be His hands and feet in the situations of life we encounter.

Time spent abiding is time spent being equipped. Our human minds argue that time spent abiding is time doing “nothing.” This is not true. It’s actually the most valuable time we will ever spend. It’s a sound investment. Abiding in the vine means we are “plugged in” to the resources of heaven.

How do we approach this practically?

Make space in your life for time spent alone with the Lord— with no distractions. For some people, this is early in the morning; for others, it is late at night. It can be during your lunch break, if you work in an office. Or whenever. But find time to be alone with Jesus, with no agenda other than listening to Him.

Find a special place where you can be alone with Him. It may be a quiet room in your house. Or you may find it easier to listen to Him as you walk outside. But finding a “special” place is good; it reminds us why we’re there and helps us tune out the background noise and give Jesus all our attention.

Practice abiding in Him.

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