Larger Vision

The Leap

Naturally speaking, I was not “qualified” to go to college and graduate with a degree. How could I make up for sixteen years of dyslexia? Everything was stacked against me. But God changed things. He stepped in and brought a miracle. Suddenly, impossibilities became possibilities. The odds against me were overwhelming, but God overruled and overturned the odds.

If your vision of your future can be accomplished by you alone, it probably is not the real vision God has put inside you. God fills us with visions that are impossible for us— utterly impossible for us to accomplish in our own strength or by our own resources. He wants us to come to the place of complete dependency on Him. When we are dependent, then He can do a miracle.

God’s method of working in our world is always through willing sons and daughters. God’s method is a man or a woman. But He can only work effectively through people who refuse to strive with His will; who are recklessly devoted, laid down and surrendered to Him; who are transparent and unwilling to take His glory for themselves. God chooses people whom He can fill; He chooses those who are ready to contain His life and love and let it spill out of them.

Today, set aside some time to seek Jesus and talk to Him about what He has placed in your heart— the things He has spoken over your life or told you to do. Reflect on these things and, if needed, ask Jesus to enlarge your vision, to give you a bigger picture of what He wants to accomplish through you. Grasp hold of the vision that can only be achieved with His miraculous help.

Now empty yourself and ask Jesus to fill you— completely, totally, to overflowing. Surrender to Him and ask Him to work supernaturally in your life to fulfill everything He intends, all that is pleasing to Him.

Now enter the rest of the secret place of His presence and trust Him for everything.

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