Whenever God gives us a promise, it’s because He has gone into our future and brought back the word

Snowy Mountain Sunset

GOD HAS GONE ahead of us, fully securing the future for us. Faithfulness keeps us in sync with His perfect plan. When we remain faithful to what He says, we are not simply expressing obedience. We obey Him because we live in awareness of how much He loves us. We also obey knowing that our God is a strategist. He knows the end from the beginning (see Isa. 46: 10). Remember, the One Who lives within you has already seen the future. Likewise, He is the only One qualified to perfectly direct your footsteps in order to step into this future, I repeat, a future that He has already seen.

When God gives you a promise, He is basically giving you a glimpse of the future in the present. He may do this through a prophetic word, a vision, or a certain promise in Scripture that seems to ignite your heart when you review it. It goes without saying that God is eternally worthy of our complete obedience. However, if we need another reason to celebrate obedience to Him, it is simply this— when we say “Yes” to His direction, we are saying “Yes” to His glimpse into our future. He wants to escort you into the place that He has divinely planned. The key to doing this is wholly relying upon the Spirit’s voice. Remember, He speaks based upon what He sees, and He sees all.


ISAIAH 46: 8-10


You know the end from the beginning, Lord. The One Who has already gone into the future lives inside me. Holy Spirit, You know and search the mind of the Father— and You reveal His thoughts to me. You share promises with me that were pulled out of my future and revealed to me now for encouragement. I trust You because You have already seen where I am going.

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