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Some of the world’s most influential people are those who never sought to gain influence through their lives in the first place. Those who are among the most admired in the world, those who have most shaped global opinion on certain issues, are typically people who aren’t trying to do that. They are just consumed with a cause they deeply believe in and are passionate about.

Mother Teresa is perhaps the perfect example— a lady who was admired the world over and was deeply influential, but who had no personal ambition. All she cared about was reaching out to those in need, being the hands and feet of Jesus to the poor and suffering. She was influential simply by being and doing what Father had called her to be and do. This principle is important for us to understand. We need to be clear about our identity in Christ and understand all the blessings, rights and privileges conferred on us because of Jesus. But then we need to rest in that identity, knowing we are loved, accepted and called, and cooperate with Holy Spirit to do what He wants us to do. There need be no striving. When we simply love people and do what’s good, we please our God. When we humble ourselves under His mighty hand and persevere in good works, He will exalt us at the proper time, if He so desires.

We don’t need to seek influence in order to make a name for ourselves or achieve God’s will for our lives. Rather than influence, we pursue humility.

Whenever we face a challenge in life, the answer is not to use our influence to try to change things; the answer is to go lower, to humble ourselves more and allow Christ in us to become greater than the problem.

Be who you are. Don’t try to be who you’re not. Simply act out God’s love every day, and you will grow in influence.

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