Good to Be Here

Palm Trees

Have you ever, when life was going along nicely, suddenly had a wham! experience? Suddenly, you are somewhere you don’t want to be, and you ask yourself, “Why am I here? How did I get here?”

It could be an unexpected health issue or a sudden relationship crisis. Maybe you were moving along in your career, thinking everything was fine, when boom!— you’re let go. “Why did that happen?” you ask, invariably following with, “What now?” When we find ourselves facing circumstances beyond our control and are floundering, feeling misplaced, asking questions that don’t seem to have answers, it is tempting to think God has lost the plot, is not paying attention to our plight, has stopped caring for us. None of these are true, of course, but that’s how we feel.

How should we react when life’s problems seem to conspire against us and circumstances threaten to overwhelm us? I’d like to suggest two things.

First, look up, not down. Often our first reaction is to look down, into ourselves, to scrutinize ourselves and wonder what we did wrong. Instead, we need to look up, toward Father. Life has its ups and downs, but Father doesn’t. He is constant. So we can take the advice of Paul, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done” (Philippians 4: 6 NLT).

This is not a trite statement. Rather, it tells us how to intentionally position ourselves, calling on our Father to assist us in our need. We must take all things to Him in prayer.

Second, in Mozambique we have a simple saying: It’s good to be here. Whatever is happening, we say, “It’s good to be here.” Why?

Because it is good to be wherever God is, wherever He has placed us. Even in a crisis, it is good to be here, because we are perfectly positioned to receive His supernatural help, to His glory. Though you may not have chosen to be here in life right now, know that He is with you; call on Him in prayer.

Count it an opportunity for Him to be glorified.

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