I am like a little kid. If God doesn’t show up and take care of me, I’m in trouble. Rolland often wonders how I manage to get around an airport when I’m travelling alone. Most of the time, I am wandering around praying, “Help, Lord!” People see me looking lost and often ask if they can help. Do I need help? What an understatement.

Here’s what I’ve realized: We are supposed to work together and help each other. We are not all meant to be capable of doing everything. We are gifted to do some things, while others are completely beyond us. That’s okay. That’s how God made us. He made us to need each other— and to need Him.

Sometimes, when people hear we have over ten thousand children in our full-time care, they ask me, “How do you cook for them all?” I certainly don’t cook for ten thousand kids. I can barely cook successfully for my immediate family, let alone all the kids, and then it’s never without producing much smoke. But that doesn’t matter; we have a bunch of people who love cooking and are really good at it.

The Body of Christ is such an amazing thing. In it God brings together diverse people with diverse gifts who can work together to accomplish His purposes. It is a sign and a wonder to our world when the Body functions and the seemingly impossible is achieved through cooperation and commitment to a common goal. It is also beautiful to see. Where potential weaknesses exist in the Body, God supplies people with the gifts needed to strengthen those areas. Paul summed it up simply in 1 Corinthians 12: 7, “A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other” (NLT). We should celebrate that.

Remember, as a part of Christ’s Body, you have a vital role to play. Father God has given you specific gifts to use to help others. And they have been given gifts to help you. Working together, we can help each other and carry out the Father’s will.

Be glad you have a part to play, and don’t be afraid to shout Help! when you need it.

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