It’s helpful to understand that our obedience always releases His world into this one in a way that

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THERE IS POWER in saying “Yes,” even when our minds cannot wrap around what we are signing up for. This is exactly what happened to Jacob during his prophetic encounter in Genesis 28.

After witnessing angels ascending and descending upon the ladder, along with hearing the voice of God, his response was quite interesting: “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it” (Gen. 28: 16).

Even though this moment was destiny-defining for Jacob, his natural mind could not fully process what was going on, hence his statement, “I did not know it.” Obedience is required to bring God’s world into this one— full comprehension of every detail is not. It is quite common for God to call us into obedience before our minds catch up with what He is summoning us into. This demands absolute trust and confidence in His nature. Only God is worthy of our “Yes,” even when our minds have no clue what is going on.

Abraham is a perfect example. God called him to sacrifice his child of promise, Isaac. There is no way this request made sense to Abraham. Nevertheless, he said “Yes” and the rest is history.

Your “Yes,” to God today could very well be a history-making step of obedience!


GENESIS 28: 16


Father, help me to say “Yes” to You, even when my mind cannot fully comprehend what You are doing. Give me spiritual eyes to recognize the move and work of Your Spirit, even when I do not completely know what is going on. It does not matter. I obey even if I do not fully know. Though I cannot see, I trust You completely.

You see all things, and You are leading me along a good path!

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