Practical Passion

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Every Monday I spend a few hours walking around the local village and surrounding area. Many of the children attend our schools, so the people recognize me. I stop and chat with many friends and especially the local widows. One Monday recently, I was chatting to one such widow. She called out to me as I walked by and invited me into her house. I went inside and sat down in the dirt with her. She was caring for her child who was severely disabled after suffering from cerebral malaria.

I asked how she was. “I want to say good,” she told me, “but I’m not really doing so well.” When I asked her why, she told me she was raped most nights.

The reason? “Because I don’t have a door,” she informed me. I was shocked, angry, upset. I wanted to do something about this situation that was so wrong.

When God fills us with Himself, He fills us with compassion. But compassion isn’t real unless it is moved to respond. Unresponsive compassion is just pity. Could I just pray for this lady and say, “I’m so sorry?” No. First of all, I would get her a door. Then I would take her to our medical clinic and for some antibiotics for the STDs she had no doubt picked up. Then I would pray God will heal her wounded spirit and restore her with His love.

The Gospel looks like something. Love expresses itself in action. Passion has to find physical expression, or it dies and is meaningless. God has called us to carry His passion in the world, and that means being His hands and feet. We can’t do it in our own power. It’s too hard. The need is too overwhelming. But when we are filled to overflowing with the oil of Holy Spirit, we can respond with Father’s compassion and do something. Without the presence of Holy Spirit, we are just weak and miserable. But Holy Spirit brings joy— supernatural joy. And supernatural joy brings supernatural strength.

The Kingdom of God spills out through joy-filled people, and lives are changed.

Simply getting this lady a door with a lock changed her life for the better.

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