Little Oil

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People often ask me, “Why do you do what you do?”

Generally I say, “Because I’m in love.” It’s true. What I do is not hard. It’s not some terrible sacrifice I have to make because God is forcing me to do something against my will. I don’t spend every day weeping about how hard my life is.

No. I want to be here. I want to do this. I’m joyful about what I’m doing because I’m in love. I do it because He is worthy. I do it because I have glimpsed His heart. What else would I want to do with my life? I may feel totally unqualified to do what I do, but that doesn’t matter. He is eminently qualified. All I need to contribute is my willingness.

Remember the widow who cried out to Elisha for help? Elisha asked her what she already had in her possession. Instinctively she replied, “Nothing!” Then she remembered: “Oh yes, I have a little oil— that’s all.” So often we are dismissive of ourselves. We say we have nothing— nothing God would want to use, anyhow. But no, we have a little oil. And that is all God needs to take us and do a miracle. We come up with all kinds of good reasons for why God can’t do anything notable or meaningful through us. I have done it myself numerous times. “God, what can you do with my life?” I would ask. “I have no special gifting, no special talent, no outstanding abilities.”

One time God stopped me mid-flow and said, “Stop it! I like your little offering. Bring it to Me and let Me use it.” Eventually I realized all He really wanted was my willingness, and He would do the rest. He wanted me to stop telling Him why He couldn’t use me and just say yes. I didn’t need to be special, talented or outstanding in any way. I just needed to be willing to come to Him and offer up the little reserve of oil I had. Come to Him today.

Offer up the little you have in reckless devotion.

Pour it out willingly. He will do the rest.

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