Fresh Oil

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God wants to pour fresh oil into you today. We read in Acts 2 about the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost and filling Jesus’ disciples, empowering them to go out and plant the Church. But it is still Pentecost. God is still anointing, filling and empowering those who belong to Him. You can experience Pentecost today. In fact, you must. It’s time for fresh oil to be poured into your life until you overflow and the oil runs over, touching the lives of those around you. Holy Spirit wants to fill you with a new passion and change your identity, transforming you and making you new.

I met a young girl from a missionary family who came to Mozambique to spend some time with us. She was from a very conservative background. She certainly wasn’t used to hearing people speak or sing in tongues, so she was far out of her comfort zone. But she was deeply touched by Holy Spirit, and we noticed a profound change in her.

She began spending time in our different centers, and gradually God’s calling on her life became clear to her.

Now she is giving up her American passport to be a North Korean citizen, because Jesus wants to use her to reach out to them.

This is beautiful. Somebody has to stand in the gap. Someone has to say, “I don’t care what it costs, Jesus; I will do it.” We need to be so in love with Jesus that we understand His heart. And we refuse to close our eyes to the darkness but instead choose to overflow with His love and let the oil spill out.

God causes people to give up their time and pray and act in such ways for a reason. So many lost, sick and suffering people in the world need Him. When God fills us with Holy Spirit’s oil, His compassion comes in. And with that compassion, we start to care about the darkness in the lives of others.

And we start to be willing to do something about it. Let’s pray for fresh oil today.

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