We need to change the way we think.

The widow who cried out for help was consumed by her own self-pity. And why not? Her life was a wreck, and worse was coming. Everything was falling apart around her. Her husband had died prematurely, and with the main wage-earner gone, she had gotten into terrible debt. Now the debts were being called in, and she was about to lose her two sons— sold into slavery to pay off her debts. She would be left with nothing.

But in her self-pity, she missed the fact that she still had a little bit of oil left. She still had something God could use. God is seeking willing hearts— those who, recognizing they have very little of worth in the worldly sense, are still willing to come to Him to see what He can do with their meager resources.

And God comes.

He comes powerfully precisely because He is looking for empty vessels to fill. He is looking for suitable containers whom He can fill with His oil. He is looking for those people who want to be fully filled with His precious Holy Spirit, those who don’t have a whole load of other stuff in the way.

Something powerful happens when we put a stop to self-pity in our lives and start believing God can take our tiny supply of oil and multiply it, filling us fully, to His glory.

Ask Father God to empty you of all that hinders His work in your life.

Choose to make yourself an empty container.

Then Father can come and fill you with His presence, and in a moment, everything can change.

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