The cries for God, some from the righteous and some from the unrighteous, have sounded through the a


THIS LONGING FOR God is seen in so many ways, including the drive to make things better in life. I’ve traveled all over the world. And one thing that exists in every people group I’ve seen is the desire to discover new things and make what exists better. This passion is firmly rooted in everyone.

Such a desire finds its full expression under the influence of God’s Presence. Even though we can see this desire within humanity to improve life, apart from Christ it remains unsatisfied and unfulfilled. The key is defining what it looks like to truly make life better. This takes place under the influence of the Kingdom, and the Kingdom is released in the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

As we carry God’s Presence into the world, serving humanity and representing Jesus, we expose longing hearts to the One Thing that completely satisfies… and yet leaves us ever hungry for more.


ISAIAH 61: 4


You have anointed me to help rebuild the ruined cities and restore the former desolations. You are not on a mission to condemn and destroy the world. It has already been harmed enough by the effects of sin. You desire to bring restoration, hope, and freedom to creation through Your people. Help me to be your son/ daughter, filled with your Spirit, who has been purposed to answer the cry of creation.

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