God wants to do something extraordinary with you. When He calls you, go. Do whatever He asks you to do. All you need to say is, “Here I am. I’ll do whatever makes You happy.”

Whether you are an engineer, scientist, musician, dancer, preacher, teacher, Kmart employee, waitress or restaurant owner— whatever you do in life, do it with all your might for Jesus’ glory.

It shouldn’t be anyone’s goal in life to just be average or mediocre. Why? Because we are children of the King. We are children of our Father, and He wants to fill us so we can burn brightly for Him. Too many people burn out in life because they are busy doing the wrong thing or busy trying to do the right thing in their own strength, through self-effort and striving.

Sometimes “doing the right thing” doesn’t get us anywhere because we birthed the idea, and God had nothing to do with it. Stop.

We must allow Him to fill us, to overflow our hearts with His love and power, to call us forth into what He has specifically for us. As He calls us, He fills us some more and empowers us to do what we are meant to do for Him. And He fills us with joy.

Unstoppable joy characterizes those who have surrendered their all to Jesus and been filled by Him to overflowing. When we seek to be filled by Him, first and foremost, then we will be happy doing what we do, and we will be effective.

We will burn brightly wherever God has placed us, and people will stop and notice. If you feel as though you have lost your way, stop.

Go to Jesus and ask Him to fill you afresh.

Allow Him to reignite you and set your heart aflame again.

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