Once, while I was speaking at a conference in the U.S., I was introduced to an incredible lady. I was thrilled to meet her, because she had the heart of a mother and had invested her life into rescuing some desperate children. She was mother to nineteen kids. She had witnessed the great need in Mexico, so she began rescuing orphaned kids from the garbage dumps, adopting them and taking them home to live with her.

I was humbled to learn she had heard my story and been inspired to act. We had a wonderful heart-to-heart connection, one momma to another. What was really amazing, however, was that this lady was committed to pouring herself out despite overwhelming odds. She was in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down. She couldn’t do much at all, physically speaking. Her kids loved her, though, and they urged me to pray for her. I began to pray and got all her kids involved, too. We prayed and called on the Lord. As we did, suddenly she started to move her toes— the toes that hadn’t moved in years. We got excited. We rejoiced.

We should rejoice over the small things, not just wait for the big things. We continued to pray, praise, rejoice and express our gratitude to Jesus. Then a miracle happened. This woman was not a small lady; she was a big momma. But suddenly God propelled her out of that wheelchair and got her on her feet.

Then the most extraordinary thing happened. She began to dance. She wasn’t a trained dancer; she had never danced professionally in her life. But she began tap dancing like an old-time Pentecostal. I did train as a dancer, and I can say it was the most incredible tap dancing I’d ever seen in my life, with skill and anointing.

She went on dancing for over an hour. Holy Spirit fell on everyone around her.

The presence of God came crashing in.

He delights in pouring His abundant life out on those who are pouring out their lives for others.

God can show up anywhere. So why not here? Why not now?

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