Living as though the heavens were brass over us actually plays into the devil’s hands as it puts us


THIS PERSPECTIVE VIOLATES what Jesus accomplished. He put us on offense with His commission, “Go!” The enemy keeps believers on the defensive by trying to maintain a state of deception in those who have received power. He wants us to believe that we are beggars, when in fact we are royal children with a mighty inheritance. This certainly doesn’t mean that darkness isn’t able to cast a long shadow over a person, or even a city or a nation. We often find ourselves in spiritually dark environments. I can take you places where just being there could cause you to tremble, as the realm of darkness is so prevalent, destructive, and dominant. Darkness is a reality and its agenda is to secure your agreement. When we believe that darkness is more powerful than it really is, we position ourselves on the defense. We play into the enemy’s deception when we view the realm of darkness as superior to what it actually is. It is foolish to consider a desolated kingdom as powerful, let alone superior to a conquering kingdom. We cannot entertain this deception if we long to see God’s superior Kingdom transform the landscape of this world.


MATTHEW 28: 18


Continue to renew my mind to agree with Your thoughts, Father. Position me to live on the offense, not the defense. I am not fighting for victory, but fighting from victory. Jesus already won the victory and commissioned me to “Go,” not simply defend and fight the devil. Show me how to agree with what He has already done, live out of His finished work, and boldly fulfill the assignment You have given me!

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