Our refusal to fear reminds the devil that he is finished!

fear is a liar.jpg

TO FEAR, IN one sense, is to agree with a lie and empower the liar. The enemy operates using fear. We are either operating out of fear or out of faith— the two cannot peacefully coexist. Naturally, darkness would prefer you to live under the cloak of fear. This restrains us from using the currency of faith, which gives materiality to God’s promises. Faith unlocks and releases our full provisions in Christ. Such a lifestyle consistently reminds the devil of his defeat. He has no hold over the one who says “no” to his invitation to embrace fear. When we fear, darkness has become elevated. Our perspective of Kingdom solutions has decreased. To deny fear is to deny the enemy the place of power he so desperately craves. To embrace faith is to agree with God’s perspective on reality: The devil is finished and His Kingdom is ever-increasing!


2 TIMOTHY 1: 7


I have not been given a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind! Fear gives the enemy access to my thought life— access that he does not deserve. Keep my eyes fixed on Your goodness and love, Father. It is Your love that casts out all fear. I am loved by You. You are with me. You have thoughts and plans of good toward me.

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