When in doubt, always worship.


IF FOR SOME reason you can’t seem to sense what to do in a given environment, worship. This is always the right perspective. In one sense, to worship is to magnify. To magnify God through worship does not imply that our actions have the ability to make Him bigger or smaller than He really is. He is God. Yet, when we choose to magnify God, we are coming into agreement with Who He is. To magnify is to make larger. The wonderful thing about magnifying the Lord through worship is that no matter how big our praises make Him, we never run the risk of exaggeration or embellishment. It is quite impossible for our mortal words, as beautiful and wonderful as they can be, to fully capture the greatness of God as He is. In the same way that there is always more of God for us to experience, there is always more of Him to celebrate through our praise!


ACTS 16: 22-30


I magnify You, Lord. Greater is He Who is living within me than any circumstance, any impossibility, any fear, or any mountain I come up against. The Presence of the Greater One is not only with me, but in me. Keep my eyes fixed on this truth— and help me to live a life of worship, responding to this. I respond to Who You are and live mindful that the God I worship has made a covenant to live inside of me forever.

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