Have you ever tried to survive a week without water?

We had to teach our pastors to drink water when they fasted. They would attempt thirty-day fasts and not drink because they didn’t understand they could have water. I told them, “Jesus had some water; it’s okay!”

Some hadn’t had any water for over two weeks, in the punishing African heat, before we realized what was happening— but God supernaturally sustained them, and no one died. How do we learn to live?

Just as these pastors had to learn to discipline themselves to drink, we need to discipline ourselves to drink daily of the water of life.

In Numbers 20, we read about the time when God instructed Moses to strike a rock in the wilderness.

Water gushed out from the rock so all the people and all their livestock could drink.

This event is recalled by the psalmist in Psalm 78: 15: “He split the rocks in the wilderness and gave them water as abundant as the seas.” The spiritual water we need comes from immersing ourselves in the Word of God and His presence. This water is as essential— as vital to our survival— as natural water is to physical life.

We must drink of it daily. I don’t want to be a dehydrated Christian— one who is miserable, parched of life, a spiritual desert.

I want to be a container of living water.

I want to receive my daily sustenance from the Rock and then be a source of refreshment to others.

Discipline yourself to keep drinking. Stay refreshed.

May everyone who encounters you find nothing of dry and dusty religion, but the life-giving, nourishing, sustaining, refreshing waters of life.

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