Mature believers carry Heaven’s atmosphere in such a way that others are able to stand under their s


THE SIZE of the open heaven over us is affected in some measure by our maturity and yieldedness to the Holy Spirit. Think of the open heaven as a big oak tree. The bigger and more stable the tree is, the more people can stand under its shade. To use another analogy, others can draft on our breakthroughs and become changed. For those of us who are filled with the Holy Spirit and live yielded to His indwelling Presence, we have the privilege of bringing others into a taste of what we enjoy continuously. This is not meant to be sustained. Sooner or later, the one who enjoys the shade of what we carry must become a shade tree themselves. By providing shade, we give a foretaste of what is available to all who would say “Yes” to Jesus.


ACTS 2: 5-6


Just as an entire city felt the impact of the outpouring of Your Spirit, I ask that You would use my life to release Your Presence. I ask that those who may not even know You yet would experience the powerful impact of Your Presence resting upon me.

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