The heavens were torn open, and there is no demonic power that is able to sew them back together.


THE FATHER LONGS for the Spirit Who lives in us. What power of darkness exists that could block their fellowship? But when we live with a primary awareness of the enemy and his plans, we instinctively live in reaction to darkness. Again, if I do, then the enemy has had a role in influencing my agenda. And he isn’t worthy. My life must be lived in response to what the Father is doing. That is the life that Jesus modeled for us. This means that you are a significant threat to darkness. The key is not allowing the darkness around you to shape your awareness of the Kingdom atmosphere that dwells upon you. Remember, greater is He and the Presence living in you. Now take that revelation to the next level. The greater Presence inside of you was always intended to be released to transform the environment around you!


JAMES 4: 5


Thank You, Father, for the glorious fellowship and communion that You have brought me into with Your Spirit. Show me how to live out of this place of intimacy. By doing so, I automatically am walking in victory over the powers of darkness, for there is nothing they can do to block this glorious fellowship!

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