We always reflect the nature of the world we are most aware of.


WE REFLECT OUR citizenship in Heaven when we become more aware of those realities than the ones we are presently facing. Heaven is filled with perfect confidence and peace, while this world is filled with chaos and mistrust in God. Living aware of open heavens has incalculable results. An open heaven suggests that the currency of that world is continuously pouring into ours. We are those gates— the catalysts through which divine resource flows through. The confidence, peace, rest, joy, and wholeness of God’s world flows through us to the degree we are aware of these heavenly realities. This is why the enemy is strategic about sidetracking our focus. If we are always mindful of demonic strategies and the tactics of darkness, we will live on the defensive. Our daily goal becomes to make it until the end of the day… alive and well. Such a posture leaves a victorious Church unnecessarily battle-scarred. When we are more aware of the conquering, unshakeable Kingdom that we have been purchased into, our approach to darkness will be directed otherwise. It will not be from a place of struggle, but from a position of guaranteed victory. The wrestling match is not on our end; if there is any, it should always be on the enemy’s. Any efforts displayed from his end simply try to deceive us into believing he is something other than totally defeated!




Keep my mind set on things that are above, not beneath. Help me to be more aware of heavenly realities than present circumstances on earth. Show me how to navigate this thought process, Father. I don’t want to be detached from what is going on here— at the same time, I don’t want to be moved by what I see. Show me how to partner with You to release the realities of Heaven into situations on earth that need Your solutions.

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