Love Out There


Most people who come to Christ don’t get saved in church. As Christians, we place a lot of emphasis on getting people through the doors of our church buildings, and people who do come will often respond to an altar call at the end of a meeting. But many won’t even come through the doors.

Generally, nonbelievers are not flocking to the Church. They have to meet Jesus “out there” in the world. The way they will meet Him is by encountering His love through someone in their daily lives. As a movement, we conduct a lot of outreach meetings, but we also spend a lot of time just loving and talking to people, one-on-one.

Sometimes I take a poll and ask our pastors and leaders how many of them met Jesus because someone visited their home, because a friend told them about Jesus or because they were sick and someone came and prayed for them. Ninety percent of them raise their hands. Someone reached out to them, individually, to introduce them to the King. Most people are reached when somebody stops for them, steps forward and loves them. It’s great to have the big outreaches, the huge meetings in stadiums.

But my favorite thing is to sit with one person, one-on-one, and see that person’s life transformed as I share the love of God.

Recently I was staying in a hotel, and when I left my room, I bumped into the maid who was coming to clean it. I heard her Latin accent and so spoke to her in Portuguese.

She was surprised, and immediately we struck up a conversation. We talked for so long I was late for my meeting.

By the end, she had asked me to pray for her and her family. I had made a friend, and Jesus’ love had touched another individual.

She didn’t know about the meeting I was going to, so she wouldn’t have been there.

But instead, Jesus set out to meet her that day— right there in a hotel corridor as she went about her work.

What a privilege we have to share the love of God with those around us in a natural, unforced way and to see Him touch and change lives.

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