Reformation and revival history shows us what’s available. The responsibility for the measure of God


HERE IS AT least a partial list of the measures of His Presence; each one is an increase of the previous:

* God first inhabits everything and holds all things together (see Col. 1: 17). He is everywhere, the glue that holds His creation in place.

* A second dimension of God’s Presence is His indwelling Holy Spirit in the lives of those who have been born again. He specifically comes to make us His tabernacle.

* A third dimension is seen when believers gather in His name. As He promised, He is “there in the midst of them” (Matt. 18: 20). This is where the principle of exponential increase comes into play.

* A fourth measure or dimension occurs when God’s people praise Him, for He says He inhabits the praises of His people (see Ps. 22: 3 KJV). He is already in our midst but has chosen to manifest Himself upon us more powerfully in that atmosphere.

* A fifth measure is seen when the Temple of Solomon was dedicated: God came so profoundly that priests were incapacitated (see 1 Kings 8: 10-11). No one could even stand, let alone play instruments or sing. They were completely undone at that measure of Presence.

It’s always biblical to ask God for more because there is always more of Him to be known and experienced!


Col. 1: 17,Matt 18:20,Ps.22:3 KJV, 1 Kings 8:10-11


Lead me from glory to glory, God. There is so much more.

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