We are here to grow into the maturity of Jesus, bring as many converts to Him as possible, and trans

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WHAT WE SOMETIMES fail to realize is that all of these assignments are impossible. Every one of them. But strangely, they are possible if they are the fruit of something else. And this is something we can actually do. Let me explain.

We are called into fellowship with God. In this process, He has made it possible for us not only to come to know Him, but also to have Him live inside of us and even rest upon us. Everything we could ever want out of life flows from that one privilege. King David understood this concept better than most New Testament believers. He referred to it as the one thing (see Ps. 27: 4).

God’s Presence is our one thing. Apart from vital union and connectedness with Him, we can do nothing (see John 15: 5). With Him and drawing from His life within us, we can do all things (see Phil. 4: 13). Disconnected from the revelation of His Presence within us, our assignments sound impossible. When we step into an increased awareness that God Himself is living within us, the same assignments that once sounded beyond belief become well within our grasp. True, they would be impossible to those operating in mere human ability. This is not our reality, though. We may be weak, naturally speaking, but our weakness gives the Greater One all the more opportunity to reveal Himself through us!


PSALM 27: 4


Help me to keep Your Presence as my one desire. Above everything else— every task, every assignment, every vision, every dream and every desire— may the Presence and Person of Jesus be the great quest that defines my life.

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