The Holy Spirit lives inside of every believer but does not rest upon every believer.


HOW CAN THE Spirit Who lives within not rest upon? Is it possible for us to house the most glorious treasure imaginable and yet not host His Presence well? The matter of salvation is settled through the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit. Empowerment is another topic. We can be saved and on our way to Heaven without enjoying the benefits of salvation, which involve bringing Heaven to earth.

Going to Heaven benefits me, while bringing Heaven to earth benefits the world around me. When we become overly consumed with getting people into Heaven, we help them secure eternity without providing them with a vision for today. Getting the matter of eternity settled is beyond priceless. In no way do I wish to devalue the purpose of evangelism and our commitment to see as many people enter the Kingdom of Heaven as possible.

However, for many who enter the Kingdom, the next question is, now what? The “now what” is helping believers walk with the power of the Spirit resting upon them. This means that the One Who set us up for eternity has been given control and influence over our lives to such a degree that every arena is impacted by His Presence. This is what we are moving toward. This is discipleship and sanctification— the influence of the One dwelling within now coming upon us and transforming every part of us to more accurately represent the image of Christ.


LUKE 4: 18


Just as the Spirit was upon Jesus and anointed Him to do supernatural works, I desire for His Presence to rest upon me in the same manner. I know, Holy Spirit, that You live inside of me. I am a child of God and it is You Who constantly reminds me that I am saved— that I am in the Father’s family.

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