Are you willing to always say "yes" to Jesus?


Trust in God is profound to me and so fundamental to everything that I understand in the Christian life. It's the belief that God is good, gracious, charitable, and favors us. All the Father wants is for us to put our hand in His hand and let him guide us through life.

Sometimes we act like distrusting, rebellious children. We say, “No, no. You might make me do something I don't want to do. You might make me go somewhere I don't want to go. You might make me different than I want to be.” I don't mean to be too harsh because I understand this problem, but the truth is that God is generous, caring, and gracious towards us. He is so worthy of our trust.

So many of us are going to have a surprise when we stand before God on our final day. We will have missed how good our Lord is, how kind, loving and gracious. We'll discover that He had wanted to give us so much here and now but we couldn't receive it because we had fearful expectations.

Once again, Hannah Whitall Smith's excellent book, A Christian's Secret of a Happy Life, brings something to bear here. Smith was talking with a physician who was having a lot of difficulty with doubts, unbelief, and fearfulness towards God. She said, “Well, doctor, if there were somebody here in the hospital that you could treat and was under your care, but they just simply couldn't trust you to take the medication, the direction, and treatment that you wanted to give, what would you do with that patient?” He said, “Well, I couldn't do anything with a patient that didn't trust me.” And Hannah said, “Well, that's the way it is with you and your God.”

Wow! Imagine what God could do in and through us if we just trusted Him, abandoning ourselves to Him in each moment.

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