Every peace-filled moment you experience brings terror to the powers of darkness.


THAT’S HOW THE Prince of Peace can crush satan under our feet (see Rom. 16: 20). Only in the Kingdom of God is peace a military tool. A violent act in the heavens is what released supernatural peace over the city on the day of Pentecost. It is the Presence of peace that undoes the works of darkness. In an atmosphere of peace, darkness cannot prevail. Its mission is thwarted, for peace invades the places that darkness mistakenly assumes it owns. The enemy wants to fill our lives with fear. He wants to own the thought lives of humanity. He wants to set the atmosphere and climate in regions throughout the earth. Peace prevents darkness from having the upper hand. We do not yield to the strategies of the enemy, for peace comes by ushering in the Prince of Peace and His Kingdom. Remember, this Kingdom comes through the Presence and Person of the Holy Spirit. Where His Presence is, there is peace.


ROMANS 14: 17


Holy Spirit, You bring the Kingdom of God through releasing supernatural peace! Your Kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Help me to see that as I bring Your peace, I am releasing Your Kingdom and pushing back darkness.

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