Marked for His Purpose


Frances Hunter often referred to herself as a “marked woman.” She— and Charles— had been marked by God for His amazing purposes! She was truly a woman who had an indelible brand burned into her by the fire of God. She said, “I am a marked woman because wherever I go that brand goes with me and whatever I do that mark shows on me.… When God puts a seal on you, it’s done with indelible ink and you cannot get it out.”

Frances and Charles Hunter had been marked by God to lead multitudes into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and the powerful gift of His Holy Spirit. They had been marked for healing— to be healed themselves, as well as to bring healing in the name of Jesus to untold people around the globe. The “Happy Hunters,” as they were known because of their joyful ministry, had been marked for marriage to each other, as well. They brought glory to God through their loving devotion to one another wherever they traveled.

As two of God’s generals, the Hunters served a powerful purpose in bringing God’s message of healing to the nations. Before the Hunters, people who desired healing went to see the “gifted ones,” including Kathryn Kuhlman, Oral Roberts, William Branham, and A. A. Allen. These godly servants had truly received gifts of healing from the Holy Spirit.

But in His eternal plan, God was ready for a shift of focus. He used the Hunters to transform the course of the healing ministry, making people realize that ordinary believers can be used to heal the sick. If the Hunters could heal, so could Grandma; so could young Johnny.

This transformation had astounding significance. It was a major move of God, a shift of doctrine throughout the culture of Full Gospel Christianity. Do you understand how significant it is that these two people who were sold out to God could change the mind-set of an entire religious group that includes 660 million Pentecostals in the world today?

I have ministered in over one hundred countries. When I fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world, we often talk about healing ministries. Oral Roberts’s name comes up, A. A. Allen’s name comes up, but then the people always say, “But Frances and Charles taught our whole church how we can do it ourselves through the power of the Holy Spirit within us!” Just how did these two ordinary people of the twentieth century become two of God’s generals and have such a tremendous impact on the Christian church worldwide? They would say “If We Can Do It, You Can Do It!”

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