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One of the beautiful things we are experiencing in this movement is the deep level of relationships and commitments that our generals and leaders are making with each other. They have an incredible value for creating and establishing relationship.

They are making commitments to serve each other and are coming together solely for that purpose. In looking at revival history, we can see that when we remove the value for relationship, we begin to build our own kingdoms.

Randall Worley has said, “All revelation grows in the soil of relationship; otherwise, it is synthetic and not systemic.”1 The Kingdom is designed on the concept of family. Jesus referred to God as His Father, and He knew that He was the Son. The success of Jesus’ ministry came from this place of being a Son in right relationship with the Father. And because of this, the Kingdom would come to earth and advance. This is something that is often overlooked when we read the life of Jesus.

It is vital to understand that Jesus walked in relationship with His Father and lived it out in His life with the disciples. When we live from a core value of relationship, we learn how to take the calling and duty on our lives and work it out with those with whom we are in relationship.

We need to stop sabotaging relationship for the sake of the calling on our lives. If we don’t confront this problem, we will continue to sweep something under the rug that will need to be addressed later.

In order to be truly covered and sent, we must learn to work out our passion, calling, and revelation within the relationships we have.

As we move away from sabotaging relationships, we will tap into a reservoir of the Kingdom that will provide the Church with a newfound understanding of inheritance and life that will continue through time.

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