One thing I love about the life of Jesus is that He never had the need to promote Himself. It’s an intriguing thought. In an age and time when there is an underlying desire and need in our culture to be known, we have created a habit of looking for ways to promote ourselves or make ourselves known.

Yet Jesus never once made Himself known. He was trying to get away from the people to be alone. He would tell people, “Please don’t tell anybody what happened to you.” (See Matthew 9:27-31.) In Matthew 6, Jesus mentions several times that for what we do in secret, He will reward us openly.

He was making reference to the religious practices of that day in which, when people prayed, they made sure they went to the street corners to proclaim their prayers so everybody within earshot could hear them. Also, when they fasted, they carried themselves in such a way that people knew they were fasting.

Jesus was addressing an issue of the heart. Our identity will reveal our ability to keep secrets. Self-promotion usually comes from a lack of trust in God.

What is fear of man? As we said earlier, for most people, it involves this kind of thinking: “I am scared of people or of what somebody around me thinks or says about me.” This is true, but it also means, “I have a higher value for what people say or think about me than for anything else.” It is a mindset that puts the opinions and affections of those around us at a higher value than what God says or thinks about us.

Jesus got all His emotional strength, courage, and security from His relationship with His Daddy.

When He came into the world, there was no need to make Himself known to gain any security or emotional strength from those around Him.

He walked in a complete, full sense of security in who He was based on how God saw Him.

What we see in the life of Jesus is a man who walked in a Kingdom confidence that changed the world.

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