Do You Know Who You Are?

As the prophet Mufasa said to his son Simba in the Disney movie classic The Lion King, “You are more than you have become.”

Most of us can say we have heard that from our friends and our family, but few of us understand that God says that to all of us all the time. He made us.

Therefore He knows what we are capable of. He knows the power, gifts, and possibilities within that are just waiting to be used. We are more than we have become.

There is a deposit within us. Resting within our spirits are inventions, songs, leadership, love, compassion, wisdom, the answers to life’s most puzzling questions, and much more. There are depths of comfort, peace, and hope that we cannot imagine. All these things are part of who we are but are largely untapped within.

“He is able to do far above what we are able to ask or think” (see Eph. 3: 20).

If we can think it, then it is too small. If we can imagine it, God can do far greater. His plan, His dream, His destiny for us is far beyond what our finite minds can comprehend. We see ourselves and our human smallness. We judge ourselves by the mistakes that we make. We determine our probability of success by the failures we have had.

We judge our future by our past. We judge what we can do based on what others have told us we cannot do. Our talents are often diminished by the jealous opinions of others. So we live far below who we are. We live far below what we can accomplish. But you are more than you have become.

You already have what you need within you to succeed. You may need education. It might take some training. It might take gaining new experiences. But the raw talent and the gifts that are within you are all you need to become everything God has dreamed for you to become. You, like most people, need to remember who you are. But you may ask, “OK, who am I?” You are a child of God; you are redeemed by the love and sacrifice of Jesus. He loves you. You are the center of His love and attention.

He gave Himself completely to you so that you could give yourself completely to Him.

With this as a foundation in your thinking, it becomes easier to see who you really are. For until you know you are accepted, loved, cherished, cared for, and highly favored, it will be difficult for you to understand that He cares enough for you to fulfill every dream, daydream, and desire you have.

He holds you in the palm of His hand to cover, protect, and lead you. Because Jesus is in you and you are in Jesus, you can do everything:

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” (Phil. 4: 13). Today can be a new beginning for you. Don’t be afraid to trust Him. Don’t be afraid to believe Him. He is knocking on the door of your heart. Let Him in then. Give Him room. Watch how the supernatural power of God begins to flow.

When the supernatural power of God begins to flow through your life, the supernatural destiny He has for you cannot be far behind.

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