The way you think either expresses faith or undermines faith.

Faith affects our thoughts. Our thoughts also affect our faith. Winning the battle over the mind is central to developing the Christ like lifestyle. It would be a grave mistake, however, to think that faith comes from the mind. It does not. It comes from the heart.

Faith is not intellectual in nature. The Scriptures say, “By faith we understand. . . .” It is not the other way around. Faith helps the mind grasp things that would normally be out of reach and sets the mind up for development in a healthy way. True faith is superior to reason. Yet the renewed mind is also important— it enhances the life of faith in the way that banks of a river affect the water rushing past. It provides a course defined by divine purpose.

Faith affects my thoughts because my thinking is consistent with and shaped by God’s promises over my life. In that case, fear no longer defines me, as I live with the conviction that God has an answer for every situation. But it does not stop with the conviction that there are answers to difficult or impossible situations. I must also think differently about myself and others, according to His heart. Faith corrects perceptions and aligns us with the heart of God for others. This allows us to do as Jesus did when He called the zealous, but unstable, Peter a rock. Jesus saw correctly. Others did not.

A renewed mind sees from divine perspective. In our lives, it is the result of repentance, as repentance basically means to change the way we think. It considers realms of possibility that are not natural, or perhaps more accurately are beyond nature. Those without Christ at the center of their thinking live within a prison of restraints that God never intended. Fear often dictates how people think, but fear never bears the fruit of the impossible. Wisdom should address more than survival; wisdom should lead to Kingdom-orientated breakthroughs.

How would your thinking change if nothing were impossible, if there were no regrets haunting you from your past, if you had unlimited resources to accomplish all your purpose on the earth? Faith affects human reasoning by removing the boundaries and obstacles we have become accustomed to.

It is time to let faith have its full effect on our minds. Let’s just see what might be possible in our lifetimes.


Father, I never want my repentance to be on the surface only. I want to be moved deeply unto repentance, as I must think Your thoughts and see from Your perspective. May all the attitudes and thoughts of my heart please You at all times. I want the mind of Christ to become my daily possession— my daily expression. Be glorified in how I think.


The mind of Christ is my inheritance. I will not strive for what has been given to me freely. By grace I will think in a way that both glorifies God and establishes me in a faith that changes things.

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