We are designed to invade the impossible.

It is a wonderful thing to see God use natural talents and resources to accomplish His purposes. Surrendering these areas of our lives to His use is both vital and refreshing. But it is tragic when the high point of the believer’s life is accomplishing something that is humanly possible. Building buildings, raising funds for projects, giving ourselves to meet basic needs of people all must be done! That is the practical side of our faith. But most accomplishments of this nature could also be done by any of the many human-interest clubs in our cities. All we need to reach those goals is people, talent and money. While these accomplishments are important, they must not be considered the ultimate examples of this life of faith. We must be known for practical service, plus. It is the plus that often gets forgotten. The plus is the impossible.

The Spirit of the resurrected Christ lives in every believer. Resurrection power from another world, which is far beyond reason, defines our nature as followers of Jesus. Invading the impossible is our birthright. It gives Him the chance to manifest His heart for people, going beyond what can be done in the natural. This is another situation of Kingdom living that is not either/ or. We must build the buildings, support missionaries, feed the poor and all the other things we do that effectively demonstrate the heart of God. But those things will never satisfy either the heart of the believer or the heart of the pre-believer longing for a relationship with almighty God. The liar, destroyer and thief must be stopped. For that to happen, we need more than money and time. We need power, the kind that Jesus carried into the darkness of His day.

Jesus illustrated these things a bit differently from the way the Church has learned to do them. He worked to destroy the works of the devil, which are death, loss and destruction. Wherever those three things exist, we see the devil’s fingerprints. And those fingerprints reveal our assignment. By nature that means our job is to bring resurrection as an answer to death, gain as an answer to loss, and restoration as an answer to destruction. Jesus was extremely practical. But being practical for Him is different from being practical for us. Our idea of practical is training seeing-eye dogs to help the blind. Jesus’ idea of practical was healing the blind. Practical in His world is impractical in ours, yet completely necessary. His assignment is our assignment. Jesus’ commission was to invade the impossible.

Our time and talents are important, but they are not going to get the Great Commission done.


Father, I really need Your help with this one. I often reduce Your will to what I can do with or without You. Forgive me for that. Help me to see the surrounding situations the same way Jesus would see them. I want to illustrate Your heart for people with my money and time, but also with what You have given me from Your world— the power of heaven. I will embrace Your heart until Your heart becomes mine.


I was designed for the impossible. It is my inheritance to see the impossibilities of life bend their knees to the name of Jesus through my lips. I will continue to give and serve, but I will also believe until the power of God is seen in me. I long for this that God may receive glory in all the earth!

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