When we live full of the Holy Spirit, experiencing overflow, only more of Him will do.

MORE IS A perpetual availability to every Spirit-filled believer. To be refilled is not to receive another Holy Spirit; it is to experience the One we have already received in an increased measure. Even though the language of “more” can unnerve some, we must approach it logically. Logically, you have God living inside of you. Paul could not have presented this more clearly when he reminded the Corinthians “your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God” (1 Cor. 6: 19).

God is the Uncreated One. He knows the end from the beginning (see Isa. 46: 10). This is the One Who spoke worlds into being (see Gen. 1: 1-3). He has named every star and has numbered every single hair on your head (see Isa. 40: 26; Luke 12: 7). This God without limits and boundaries has come to make you His temple. If the Spirit within you truly is this great, then it stands to reason that we, being finite human beings, have yet to mine the depths of this Infinite One. This is what makes it completely legal for us to cry out for more— because there is always more of the Infinite One to experience.




Holy Spirit, I don’t need to beg You for more. I don’t need to cry out for a new outpouring from Heaven. There is always more available, and I praise You that the One Who offers more is the One Who lives inside of me. I am Your temple, Lord. The One Who fills the temple with His Presence and continues to fill it with more is the same Spirit Who lives within me.

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