Needing to be refilled is not a sign of something gone wrong. Continual dependence on more is a good

THE LIFELONG PURSUIT of more is evidenced by humility. Humility is the gateway to true hunger and there is an incredible promise reserved for those who live hungry for God:

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled (Matthew 5: 6). There is no doubt as to whether or not those who hunger and thirst shall be satisfied. It is settled. To live in this measure of hunger demands a walk of corresponding humility.

Is it possible to be hungry for God and not humble? Yes, but these individuals cannot be trusted with the increase. Humility is demonstrated by the end goal of the individual. Our challenge: Do we want to experience more so God can be expressed more clearly through our lives, or so that His expression draws more attention to our lives? It sounds like the difference is slight, but I can assure you, our bent of heart determines everything in positioning ourselves for greater increase.




Holy Spirit, You satisfy my hunger and thirst. Because there is more of You available, help me to constantly draw from Your Presence. Show me how to be continually dependent on Your filling and refilling in order to fulfill the assignment You have given me.

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